Established in 1989

Campus TV, HKUSU, a campus media in the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, was founded in 1989. It has been independent from the Union Executives of HKUSU since 1996. Its chairperson and vice-chairpersons are elected through the Annual Election, a referendum of Union members.

With a view to bridge the gap between students and the community, Campus TV, HKUSU would bring an array of productions, thereby upholding the objective of “We Link, We Broadcast”. Campus TV would continue to keep a tap on social issues, report the news and unravel the truth. Defending freedom of the press and preserving institutional autonomy are our aspiration, as well as abiding by editorial independence.

We Link, We Broadcast.



Department of Advertisement

The Department of Advertisement is dedicated to offering promotional services to affiliated student societies in pursuit of bolstering exposure of the societies and their upcoming activities to the students. Another highlight of our production is civic-awareness-related advertisement, which serves the purpose of appealing the students to fulfill civic responsibility, and raising their awareness towards social events as well.

Department of General Production

As students have diverse preferences regarding production, the Department of General Production would provide entertainment through a wide variety of production themes in the hopes of inspiring students.

Department of News

The Department of News is endeavoured to establish accurate, verified and informative news to our audiences. In-depth discussion of current issues will also be delivered through news files and documentaries. Serving as the fourth branch of power, we have the duty to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. Free from the influence of the school authority, executive committees of the Students’ union, Students’ Council and societies, we promise to eliminate distortion, suppression and censorship.